Our Clients Say


Angela G.

Claire has given our rescue dog, Lucy, a new lease on life. A few weeks after my boyfriend and I adopted our 8(ish)-year-old chihuahua, we knew we needed help. It was obvious she'd had a rough life. Lucy didn't know any basic commands. She would cower when we stood near her or spoke loudly, go potty inside, and was aggressive toward other people and dogs. After completing a program with Claire, it's hard to believe Lucy is the same dog. She's potty trained, enjoys puzzles and play, asks for things she wants, and knows the right way to say 'no' to things she doesn't want. We learned that we don't have a 'bad dog'-we just didn't have the right tools to communicate and work with our smart and sensitive little lady. We're excited to continue using positive reinforcement, desensitization, and other training techniques to keep building up Lucy's confidence and self-control. We can't thank Tully's enough for bringing so much joy into our lives with Lucy!

Angela G. Brooklyn, NY

Emily-Rose W.

Excellent experience with Claire and Mary at Tully's Training! Our 4-month pup Oliver was extremely shy and started warming up immediately after our first session. We were given excellent tools to work with Oliver to make him more confident with strangers and comfortable in new surroundings. In addition to being a ball of joy, Oliver has become an extremely well-behaved and obedient 6-month old dog. Though we're originally planning on only doing group classes, we splurged for the private sessions and are extremely happy we did. This allowed us to work one-on-one with Oliver to overcome specific behaviors not covered in group sessions. A+!

Emily-Rose W. Los Angeles, CA

Rachael B.

Here's what you need to know in this review: Tully's Training is wonderful. Your pet will learn. You will learn. Your pet will love it. You will love it. Your pet wants to make you happy and you want to make your pet happy so you should probably get started right now. So, go! Here's our story: Mary Tully can't talk to animals, but as a seasoned trainer, she's close. What she can do for sure is talk to people and teach people what they need to know to have a happy relationship with their pet. That was our experience. My husband and I love our puppy, Duff, too much (it's possible). But puppies sometimes need help becoming good dogs. Duff did. She was a nervous girl when we got her. She would hide and would be too anxious to eat. She was afraid to go on walks, of guests, of stairs, of birds.. Mary came over to give Duff her in-home assessment. Mary is very nice and funny. Her people work is almost as impressive as her animal work. But Duff cowered and growled. That's not how puppies usually act. So, we got to work. Tully's Training is all positive reinforcement and Mary will cater to what your pet needs. Duff needed a lot of love, patience, and help with her confidence and she got it. Each session, my husband and I learned more about how to communicate with Duff. Duff would master more commands and we'd understand better the tools needed to teach her. The results were fast and lasting. And Duff can shake hands now. We always wanted a dog who could shake hands. We don't know if any trainer or course can guarantee progress with an animal. But we do know that today, Duff, the once terrified puppy, boarded an RV full of strangers and two grown dogs to drive across the West. Her little tail was wagging. And that is progress all thanks to Tully's Training.

Rachael B. Los Angeles, CA

Dayna N.

Sara is fantastic. She's attentive, patient, and gives fantastic tools to dog-parents. It's definitely an investment, but it's worth it, especially to create a good foundation to build on.

Dayna N. Los Angeles, CA

Avery M.

We were 100% happy with Claire and Tully's. Training a dog is at least partially about training the dog owners; Claire was great with our pup, but she was just as good at working with us. We enthusiastically recommend working with her.

Avery M. Los Angeles, CA

Seth H.

We used Tully's Training to train our puppy, Ferdinand. We couldn't have been happier with the results. We used them for both individual and group training. Our individual training was so specified to us and moved at a pace that best suited us and Ferdinand and worked tremendously well! Claire was so generous with her knowledge and time, she was patient with us, not to mention our pup absolutely adored her. She taught us so many tools that we have been able to utilize to help further and maintain Ferdinand's training. She really helped us evolve as pet owners. Tully's focuses on positive reinforcement and that was the best approach for our dog. In between sessions Claire would provide us with videos and articles for reference and that was beneficial as well. She also gave us a lot of useful tips that we could work on, on our own that have proved to be great; such as socializing our dog and how to read a dog park. The group sessions really helped us to reinforce what we learned in our individual sessions and try them out in an environment that was outside of our home and was more distracting, which was a great learning process for us and our pup. Sara was great as well and very patient and made the classes a lot of fun! Again, we couldn't have been happier with Tully's and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Seth H. Manhattan, NY